Collaborative Computational Project in Positron Emission Tomography
and Magnetic Resonance imaging

CCP PET-MR Software Framework

CCP PET-MR software

An important output of this project is an open source software for image reconstruction of PET-MR data in a research context.

The best place to start with our software is our Wiki, which contains information on how to obtain the software using different mechanisms, documentation, our future plans etc. See also our Downloads page.

The development version of the software is available at

Interested in helping us out, that’s great! Please let us know via our developers mailing list CCP-PETMR-DEVEL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK and/or join our meetings. Also, please check our contribution guide. For any non-trivial code contributions, we require a signed Contributor License Agreement. You can find a template here. Contact Kris Thielemans if you have questions on this letter.

If you feel our software lacks a certain feature, please let us know and we will do our best to implement it. The best way to request a new feature is by creating an issue on Otherwise, please send your request to the developers mailing list.

Software framework meetings

You are welcome to join us at our software meetings. See the Events list for upcoming meetings. Below is a list of previous meetings. Reports, presentations and recordings are available for each meeting.

Software framework meeting reports

  1. 7th July 2015 Meeting in UCL, London
  2. 7th Sept 2015 Meeting in Manchester
  3. 6th Oct 2015 Meeting in London
  4. 20th Nov 2015 Meeting in Leeds
  5. 18th Jan 2016 Meeting UCL, London
  6. 4th March 2016 Meeting St Thomas's Hospital, London
  7. 22nd April 2016 Meeting, ICAM, Manchester
  8. 6th June 2016 Meeting, De Morgan House, London
  9. 3rd August 2016 Meeting, UCL, London
  10. 21st Sept 2016 Meeting, UCL, London
  11. 14th Nov 2016 Meeting, UCL, London
  12. 16th Jan 2017 Meeting, ICAM, Manchester
  13. 9th Mar 2017 Meeting in Leeds
  14. 11th May 2017 Meeting, UCL, London
  15. 15th Jun 2017 Meeting, UCL, London
  16. 22nd Sep 2017 Meeting, ICAM Manchester
  17. 17th Nov 2017 Meeting, UCL, London
  18. 15th Dec 2017 Meeting, Leeds
  19. 23th Feb 2018 Meeting, UCL, London
  20. 20th Apr 2018 Meeting, ICAM, Manchester
  21. 5th Jul 2018 Meeting, UCL
  22. 20th Sep 2018 Meeting, Leeds
  23. 15th Feb 2019 Meeting, UCL, London

Teleconferences Notes

23rd Jun 2017 Teleconference 16 notes

7 September 2015 CCP PET-MR software developers session at Manchester 12noon to 5pm. At ICAM with webex facilities to other sites.