Collaborative Computational Project in Positron Emission Tomography
and Magnetic Resonance imaging

Release of SIRF v0.9.2

We are delighted to announce the release of our Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework (SIRF) Version 0.9.2.

The only changes from Release 0.9.1 are small last minute bug fixes. We recommend to use Release 0.9.2 Virtual Machine and not Release 0.9.1 VM.

The summary of main changes since Release 0.9.0 is as follows:


  • PET data algebra implemented.
  • Storage scheme (file/memory) management for acquisition data implemented.
  • Using single precision float Matlab and Python arrays now.
  • Argument validity checks introduced.
  • Consistent naming scheme for libraries and modules adopted.
  • The SuperBuild should have better success in finding Python/MATLAB.
  • The SuperBuild now can build specific versions of dependencies (ISMRMRD, Gadgetron, STIR, SIRF).
  • Virtual Machine now uses the SuperBuild as update mechanism.


Please visit the software framework page for further information and links.

We remind you that we supply a Virtual Machine (using Oracle VirtualBox) with Python bindings pre-installed, but also installation procedures for those who want to build the software natively, which should work on Linux and Mac (native installation on Windows is possible but still difficult at present unfortunately).

Please try it out and let us know, by mailing to CCP-PETMR-USERS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK, whether it worked for you and provide feedback.

Official release of version 0.9.2 of the Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework software.
News Date: 
Monday, October 16, 2017