Collaborative Computational Project in Synergistic Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging

26th Software Meeting

Monday, June 29, 2020 - 14:00 to 16:00


  1. Edoardo Pasca and Evgueni Ovtchinnikov: Quick overview of progress made in algorithm development in CIL and in SIRF 2.2.
  2. Evangelos Papoutsellis: Diagonal preconditioning of PDHG, see [1] and [2]
  3. Claire Delplancke: The SPDHG algorithm, and SPDHG applied to PET imaging
  4. Richard Brown: Motion Compensated Image Reconstruction
  5. Kris Thielemans: Explaining image registration to image reconstruction people

Each talk will be ~20 min except the first one which will be ~5 min.

We recommend you to have a look at some material from our previous 25th Software Framework Meeting.

Followed/overlapped by CCPi/SyneRBI vHackathon.