Collaborative Computational Project in Positron Emission Tomography
and Magnetic Resonance imaging


CCPPETMR Virtual Machine

The Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine with SIRF 0.9.0 and its prerequisites preinstalled can be found here, and VM with SIRF 0.9.2 here.

Detailed instructions on set up and use of this image are at


Github is used as a repository for the CCP software created and a full catalogue of software code is available at: See our software framework page for more info.

  • CCPPETMR_VM Virtual Machine with pre-installed SIRF and its prerequisites
  • SIRF (sources, demo scripts and test data)
  • STIR forked from UCL/STIR Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction
  • gadgetron forked from gadgetron/gadgetron Gadgetron - Medical Image Reconstruction Framework
  • siemens_to_ismrmrd forked from ismrmrd/siemens_to_ismrmrd Siemens ISMRMRD converter
  • ismrmrd forked from ismrmrd/ismrmrd ISMRM Raw Data Format

Demo Data Files

The two Siemens raw files that are needed for certain demos are currently available 

Supporting Materials

Tools associated with the Leeds 2016 course are available here:

Posters and Papers

Poster for PSMR2016