Collaborative Computational Project in Synergistic Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging


Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00

Meeting to discuss the integration of the SIRF software for image reconstruction with XNAT.


  • SIRF high-level overview, long-term plan, motivation for XNAT integration, resource available.
  • SIRF – where is it now and in the near future? Platforms, functionality, release, active contributors. Current containerisation capabilities and expertise. File sizes, processing and hardware requirements.
  • XNAT high-level overview. Summary of International and UK activity (DPUK, NCITA, KCL, RadNet, CMIC, DRC, …...)
  • XNAT – what do we have at UCL / UCLH now and in the near future?
  • Technical Issues that need to be addressed to achieve a demonstration system. This might include items such as: raw data extract from scanner, raw data wrapping, raw data transport (PET, MR and timing info), containerisation of SIRF, container maintenance, access to outputs on XNAT.

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