Collaborative Computational Project in Synergistic Reconstruction for Biomedical Imaging

1st Software Framework Meeting

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 13:30 to 17:30

* Past event: Notes from the meeting are available here.

Location: 16 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW, room 346

We would like to invite you to the first software meeting of the Collaborative Computational Project (CCP) in Synergistic PET-MR Reconstruction. The CCP aims to create a standardised and freely available software platform as an enabling infrastructure for working with PET and MR data, with a particular emphasis on reconstruction from both PET and MR data, either separately or jointly.

The platform will build on existing Open Source packages (initially STIR for PET and the Gadgetron for MR). We aim to create an interface from MATLAB (and later Python) to maximise usability and take-up by the community. More information can be found in the presentations of our Working Group meeting.

The aims of the first software meeting are to;

  • determine short and long term goals for the CCP-PET-MR software framework (including desired applications)
  • provide an overview of STIR and the Gadgetron as examples of current packages
  • discuss appropriate software design
  • decide on the interface for initial use cases
  • create contact with the UK and wider user and developer base

Please note that this meeting is intended for people who will use and develop the software and have an interest in creating a good design for the framework.


Participants are encouraged to come with their own plans and/or to send them before the meeting to

Attendance in person is recommended, but we have a hard limit of 16 people in the room. In addition, remote attendance via WebEx will be possible. Travel costs for UK attendants will be reimbursed.

Date and time: Tuesday 7th of July, 13:30 - 17:30. Sandwich lunch will be provided from 12:45.

Location: 16 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW, room 346.

WebEx details will be sent by email after you have registered.

If you will attend (either in person or via WebEx), please register via this link.